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Exterior Cleaning

DzM Pro Wash offers services with highly trained and certified technicians who diagnose and provide the most advanced, safe and durable exterior cleaning solution for you.

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DZM Pro Wash

At DZM Pro Wash we provide the best exterior cleaning method for every project. Imagine going about your daily activities more focused because you have one less thing to worry about, DZM Pro Wash can turn those dreams into a reality. DZM Pro Wash offers services with highly trained and certified technicians who diagnose and provide the most advanced, safe and durable exterior cleaning solution for you.

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What service am I providing?

Home Exterior

DZM Pro Wash pressure washing services offer a wide range of innovative exterior cleaning options for all residential applications. We keep customers’ homes, siding, roofs, driveways, patios, decks, decks, fences and more clean with the most effective method of removing algae, stains, dirt and grime available today. Our services are guaranteed and we are confident that you will be satisfied because of it.


Driveway cleaning adds great curb appeal to your home. We remove all algae from your driveway. Algae can have a black effect on concrete and be very slippery. At DzM Pro Wash we are happy to schedule an appointment for an estimate. We use large pressure washers. You will be able to see the dirt coming off the floor as it is cleaned. Driveway cleaning is done with a commercial grade surface cleaning machine. Pressure washing your driveway every year with this method actually causes more harm than good.

Deck & Fences

We can safely clean wood decks, fences, siding and any other surface made of wood. Wood is the easiest and most common thing that inexperienced pressure washers damage. At DzM Pro Wash we have the key to safe wood cleaning with a quality product that allows us to clean without affecting your wood, as it provides the best result, the fastest, the least damaging treatment and also provides the longest lasting effect.


Your yard should be a clean, quiet and pleasant area where you can relax. We can safely clean any area of your Patio. At DzM Pro Wash we have a soft wash, this is a new pressure washing technique that requires a combination of bacteria killing and detergents to do the job the right way. Our equipment uses low pressure and kills bacteria without damaging surfaces. Your Patio will look like new. Green or black algae will be completely removed from your Patio quickly and the process takes even less time than regular pressure washing.

Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping, also known as traffic markings, provides organized traffic improvement and parking stalls for vehicles to park. Effective parking lot striping consists of a bright and durable striped line for stalls, arrows for entrances and exits, arrows for directional flow in parking lots, handicapped parking spaces, properly marked fire lane areas and much more. At DzM Pro Wash we do professional parking lot striping, do a staiming and see how effective we are.

Bonded & Insured Cleaners Who Earn Your Trust

Great Value That's Easy on Piggy Bank

We’re not the least expensive, but we offer excellent work for a great value. When you ask for a quote on a cleaning job, we keep to the cost given in the bid unless you ask for a change in the project with DzM Pro Wash.

We Keep To the Appointments We Give

We know your time is valuable and you keep overly busy taking care of your home or business lives. When you schedule DzM Pro Wash for your Huntsville, Alabama cleaning needs, we’ll be there and finish our work on time!

We Have Pride In Our Work And It Shows

DzM Pro Wash is staffed by talented cleaning pros. You’ll love the results of our work because we’re experts at what we do! We see every cleaning project as an opportunity to create beautiful living spaces for our clients to enjoy!